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Feb. 9th, 2016

 photo 6_zpsr9x9f0s2.jpg

Spike's nieces and nephews are starting families of their own.

(Finding Love Part II)

(Finding Love Part III)

Brains Legacy 6.1: Bloodlust!

The household consists of:
Gen 5 heir Clayton (also The Law of Circle Pines) and his wife Lanika (the Evil Mayor of Circle Pines)
Gen 6 heir Erhardt (at college, Pine City Vo-Tech)
Gen 6 spare Valeria, Erhardt's kid sister
Gen 4 spare Torgo, who's survived quite a lot at this point
Lark Temblor, who is Torgo's niece and Erhardt and Valeria's... I don't know, some kind of cousin removed, I guess.

Episode Listing

Lanika, with Clayton's Black Widow sister Deborah, conspired to kill everyone else in Lark's family, and they succeeded, too. Torgo was a zombie (a side effect of the murder plots) but he got better. Lark began dating Aragog Spyder (Deborah's oldest boy). Erhardt went to college.

Thus, we begin Generation 6 with:
 photo brains6-1.png

Haunted House + ISBI + Random Legacy 1.0

Since more rules the better, right? ;)
I wanted to combine some of the challenges that interested me so here's my try! To be honest I'm not sure if I'll be able to even survive through generation 1 but I want to try this out. I might not obey all the rules 100% all the time but I do my best. If there has been something in the rules I haven't understood I just ignore it and add some of my own rules.

Read more at my journal
Since it took so long to post this Round Robin continuation (so so very long...), you really should go read the first part: Service Sim Legacy Generation 1: Garden Party!

Generation 2 was played by iceraptoress.

In this part: Postage Due Temblor, daughter of Statesman and Leith Temblor, continues the Service Legacy Round Robin. Postage Due is an outgoing, active and grouchy (seriously, NO nice points) sim. Her OTH is Sports and she likes both blondes and brunettes. PD’s father was apparently insane and her mother was bitter, and PD is determined to not have the same kind of life they had. Thus, she has gone her own way.

Many, many pix and a HUGE heir poll await you!

Start here:

( With Ten You Get Eggroll )

Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Heir Poll

Finding love - Part I.

 photo 1.1_zpsyj7e7qny.jpg

Moving forward with Sunnydale III.

At my blog.
At this point, you should really be reading the Brains Legacy (formerly Brains ISBI) because the Brains family and the Spyder family (black widows) are related and their stories intertwine like a maze of twisty little passages, all alike. Here is the episode index.

The Spyder family consists of Deborah (nee Brains), the matriarch, and her children in order of age: Charlotte (brown hair, black eyes), Aragog (blond hair, blue eyes), and Shelob (blond hair, black eyes).

Her inhumed husbands are Joe the Garden Club Guy (father of Charlotte, died of hunger), Sasha the Slob (father of Aragog, died of flies), Neville (father of Shelob, died of drowning). Deb really liked Neville and hated to see him go.

Now, on to the episode! There are close to 200 pix in this one, so strap in.

( Black Widow Challenge: The Giant Spider Invasion )


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