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Abigail Sanders
Hudson-Wells, Emerald City

Abigail could barely contain her excitement. She got to the office that morning at 6:00am - long before anyone else arrived. As hard as she tried to conceal it, she was looking forward to Roxane’s return. All she wanted was familiar routine once again - especially after putting up with Nathan and his bullshit for the last 3 months.

Sufficed to say he despised her just as much as she despised him.

Sims 2 In-game Video Camera & the UI

this is undoubtably an unusual thing to ask...

but i want to do a sort of let's play/apocalypse challenge playthrough

but, my sims 2 laptop is so old it can't update or install any of the video recording software i can find

so does anybody know how on earth do i get the in-game camera to show the UI and all the option wheels etc when i click on things?

wcif: mods

You know when a parent comes home from work and the child drops his homework/etc to go greet them? I need a mod where they don't do that. EDIT: Here is the mod I was talking about, for anyone else who is annoyed by this.

Along those lines, one to stop that annoying "I GOTS GOOD GRADES" spam would be appreciated too please. I have tried to google it, but I keep finding noaplusspam and everyone says "Pescado has a NoAPlusSpam hack for which the rtfm simply says Only the first A+ memory is recorded..." I don't care about the memories. I want the kids to stop waking up sleeping, pregnant parents for this stupid stuff.

Thanks for any help you can provide. =)

(On an off note: any legacies Gen 6+?)
For those who would like to catch up with previous generations, or view the rules, just follow this finely-crafted link.

The Service Sim Legacy is a round-robin legacy wherein each generation must marry in a different service sim. In the last generation, Phoenix O'Toole was the child of Postage Due Temblor and Duey O'Toole, the Chinese delivery guy. Phoenix has set off on her own to seek her fortune, not knowing where it will take her...

( Service Legacy Generation 3 )

...or you can jump right to the Heir Poll and check out those amazing features.

Marshall County Week 1-Bubba Lee Harley

May contain Bad Language, but no nudity, incest, baby killing, flying axes, serial killers and so on, probably.

Read More: http://redcoat893.livejournal.com/1129.html

All Characters Done

I've finished all the Characters and their houses, all that is left is to build a park downtown.

And just realized I forgot to crop the pictures.

Read more...Collapse )
For the most part i always liked this

outfit, even the outlandish textures, but i hated the neckerchief that came with it.

Gwillewyn edited HystericalParoxysm's version, with the neckerchief and ring removed

But this one was custom only.

So i defaulted it for personal use and decided to share it just in case anyone else wants it.


Credit for creation and pictures goes to HystericalParoxysm and Gwillewyn.

Cederville Heights Chapter 1.9: Shards


Naimo Blithe / Abigail Sanders
40726 Sherwood Avenue, Emerald City

It was almost midnight when she made her way back upstairs. For once, she was grateful her apartment building became a ghost town after 10pm - even on the weekends. Given the state she was in, she had no desire to strike up a conversation with any lingering neighbours.

Read more     /     List of Chapters     /     Cederville Heights

Political System Done(ish)

I've completed the Political System, I've decided to do 4 Parties, each with a set of resolutions with 1 being enacted by choice of a dice each time the Party is in Office. The ruling party will be decided through poster sales, with the faction with the most posters sold going into office.
Progressive Liberal Alliance (PLA)
Green Space Llama Party (GSL)
Christian Canine Conservation Party (CCCP)
Socialist Banana Party (SBP)

I will also be "following" 4 sims (1 from each party)

The First Sim is: Bubba Lee Harley (CCCP)

Such Beauty

He is, as you can probably tell a redneck, and thus resides in the trailer park area of Marshall County, he will be the first week played, then we will go to the second household and play out a week, and so on.

I have also decided to fill out my Downtown with CC Lots from mod the sims.

"Polling" Station


Hello!, my Name is Jonathan, or Redcoat if you prefer. This will be where I will post stuff about my Sims 2 Neighborhood (Marshall County) unfortunately I don't actually have any pictures at the moment. But I will give you a quick non picture run-through of the area. Marshall County is in a unnamed wooded State in the U.S (Maybe Oregon or Washington, I'm from the U.K I don't really know States that well), I have all Sims 2 Expansion Packs, and am currently using all Sub-Hoods (Home-Made Shopping District and Downtown, Maxis Vacation and Uni). Although I do own SimCity 4 I used the Maxis Terrains.

On to the buildings, most of them are custom, a couple are community made and I use the Apartment Life trailer parks for my "White Trash" area. I am in the process of making Community Lots for all professions, I have finished most of them and are just finishing a couple more.

I am thinking of making a little political system based off of this post:http://modthesims.info/t/438280
with 4 political parties, those that I have come up with so far.: The United Socialist Banana Party (Its something that a friend came up with), The Christian Llama Conservation Party and The New SimApartheid Liberation Front (For some reason I made a lot of South African Sims in the Neighbourhood.)
Read more...Collapse )
I have made a couple of Custom Outfits for my Sims (Football Uniforms or soccer for you savages in America :P), yeah, I might be offensive in the blog (meant in humor), but I'll try not to be too Offensive.

The 3 Neighborhoods are Called Marshall County (Main Hood), New Hackney (Shopping/Community/Political Area) and Marshall City (Downtown)

I think that's it, I'll give you some more Information with Pictures when I have some more time.,


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