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(That entry is specifically for FreeTime, but the advice it gives is good for any new expansion pack.)

Cederville Heights Chapter 1.3: Nesting


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Read Cederville Heights here

Cederville Heights Chapter 1.2: Settling In

Lavenworth Residence

Settling in to the slower pace of life in Jacksonville was easy. It was a refreshing change of pace from the rat race she was accustomed to, and all for the better. She was more than happy to trade her penthouse apartment for a cozy cul-de-sac home in the neighbourhood of Oak Springs. In no time, she gladly traded in her heels for flats and sneakers, as well as designer outfits for jeans
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Read Cederville Heights here
PREVIOUSLY, ON THE BLACK WIDOW CHALLENGE: Deborah Spyder, formerly of the Brains Legacy, decided to forge her own destiny using the blood of gullible men. She hadn't had much luck in Episode 1, but things start to happen in this episode, and how!

( Kiss of the Spider Woman )

Tapper 1.3

Brains Legacy 5.2: Twelve to the Moon

Episode Archive

PREVIOUSLY, ON THE BRAINS LEGACY: Darlene's three brothers (Scooter, Buddy, Torgo) moved in, along with Special Delivery Temblor. Scooter and Special got busy and made a baby, Segway. Heir Clayton and his wife Lanika had their own baby, Erhardt, who appears to be a mini-me of Clayton.

This week we have a new weekly challenge and Scooter and Special drive me nuts. And you'll find out why this episode is named the way it is.

( 12 to the Moon )

WITCH: Chapter Twenty-Three

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Read WITCH from the beginning here!

WARNING: This story contains adult content.


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