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(That entry is specifically for FreeTime, but the advice it gives is good for any new expansion pack.)

Chaos Hall Asylum: Week 4

Week 1Week 2Week 3Tumblarg Edition

( It only took five friggin' months to post, nbd. )

30 .PNGs and a .GIF. Swearing, death, toxins, roaches, all of the snow ever.

In Verona: Chapter 44

The bare minimum of her hopes was that her children would never think their lives would be better without her. She wanted to contribute to their happiness and well-being. A good mother would do that. A good mother would bring something to her children's lives that no other person ever could... What good came from a mother surrendering her own baby?

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Last Update: November 23rd
I have a ton of dormies in my game and when dorms are populating I would like them to fill with preexisting dormies before generating new ones. No idea if this is possible and I don't really expect a solution but I figured I'd post anyway.

BY DEFAULT--when there is an opening in a dorm, a NEW YA generates to fill it.

WITH MATY NODORMIEREGEN--when there is an opening in a dorm, it does not fill at all.

WITH TWOJEFFS DORMIE GENDER CONTROLLER--when there is an opening in a dorm, a NEW YA generates to fill it. (same as normal--just with the option of choosing whether it's a boy or a girl)

Like I said my expectations are firmly under control but if there's a mod I've overlooked please let me know.

In Verona: Chapter 43

Pan relieved and infuriated her by turns. He refused to take her money. He called her 'princess'. He teased her for being the only customer he had who only wanted to talk. On the other hand, he was a decent listener. He never tried to make her be reasonable when she wanted to be dramatic. And there was no denying that he was physically beautiful. No, Miranda had to admit he seemed to be a decent sort of nobody. She was counting upon that decency tonight.

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Last Update: November 9th

It's always darkest before the dawning of a new sun...
Some pretty dark themes indeed.[SPOILERISH.]Abuse implied, gross sexual impropriety, violence. Language too.
And there's really two parts here pressed together so it runs a tad long.


If anyone here is on Origin and wants to friend me, I can be found by I wound up registering my Sims 2 games there after some of my discs went bad so I could download them.

In Verona: Chapter 42

The first time he had entered the room was a month earlier, a command performance by order of his wife. Regan had wanted to be congratulated on the completion of the nursery. For his own part, Cornwall hadn't seen what was so interesting about a nursery. It was a room for the baby to sleep in. Rather than stir up controversy, he had kept this opinion to himself and praised whatever Regan looked at. He told her it was a fine nursery, and Regan had gone so far as to gracefully accept the compliment.

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Last Update: November 1st
I am back again lol..ok I have been doing some downloading like an idiot everything in CC that is bought in the store is fine..all the mods and things are fine as well..

My problem is in Body Shop, CAS and when I try and change their appearance in the CC is showing CC hair, skin, eyes, ears, clothes...

I have all EPs and SPs and have uninstalled the disks then would put the Ultimate Collection in and still nothing then would uninstall that and do the disks and right now I have both the Collection and all my disks and still nothing..

This started about the time I got the Ultimate Collection...I never had problems with CC in Body Shop, CAS or the mirror before..

I hope someone can help me on this...oh I have also installed 7zip and uninstalled it and switched things and then redownloaded them then did several factory restores ..

Thanks everyone that can help me out on this...

Am on Desperate mode now...really could use some help pleaseeee...

Edit: major problems with my games..

Also am having problems now in my Ultimate Collection when I go into a lot and put my mouse on it everything around the lot is blue and when I take the mouse off the blue is just around the lot not on the lot..

I also can't send any of my Sims downtown..when I do that I can go to the lot downtown but my Sim won't be there and when I go out and not save and then go into their home lot they are not there...

My game is so messed up it is unreal...

I have uninstalled all the cd's and reinstalled them..and then uninstalled them and installed the Ultimate Collection and uninstalled it and then installed everything cd's and Collection and then uninstalled them..right now I have all the cd's installed but don't have the Collection installed..

What is going on with my has gotten to the point I don't even enjoy playing the game anymore..

Can anyone help me out pleaseeee

Thank you in advance if anyone can help..

EDITED: Ok, I think I have it all fixed..yeppie...I contacted Origin/EA and they called me back within a few minutes...they told me I had to upgrade my NVIDIA Driver...they checked my computer to see what was wrong and that is what they I did that and it worked...the blue around my lots when I put my mouse on it doesn't have the blue anymore and when I send my Sims downtown they are there and send them home and they are home now..

Also, had problems with my CC not showing up in Bodyshop, CAS and when I change their appearance that is working as well..what happened there not sure why it had stopped working but this is what I did to get that fixed..

In the past I always created a "Download Folder" then put all my CC in has always worked until recently...once you go into the game the first time it creates it's own "Download" folder never used it except my CEP would should up there when I downloaded that...but something told me to take everything out of the "Download Folder" that I created and put it into the other "Download" folder and now just about everything of CC is in my Bodyshop, CAS, and when I change their appearances..

I am sooo excited that I can play my game again without game problems...

I hope this helps others that are having the same problems..Origin/EA has been a big help..

go to Contact us on the help form leave a short message and if you have your phone number registered with them they will call you within a few min...

Good luck everyone that has this same problem...

In Verona: Chapter 41 - Part Two

It would only be one sleepless night. The ladies had insisted he stay rather than ride back to the village in the hastening dark. However, the silent agreement was that he ought to return there the following afternoon. He would wait for his sister to arrive the next morning, as though he had never used her letters to get around her husband.

[Trigger warnings (possible spoilers)]
Trigger warnings: Violence, blood, threats of sexual violence & murder

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Last update: October 8th


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