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File Checking?

Is there really no file checker for The Sims 2? I'm really missing The Sims File Cop (remember that!?). I have the Clean installer and have used it to check files, have used the Maxis Content Manager, Delphy's... Everything is filed right and, according to those programs, compatible. AND STILL MY GAME CRASHES. (I only have the base game + Nightlife EP - yeah, pretty late on the TS2 train! No hacks/mods other than CEP. And I've been super careful to only download items base and/or Nightlife compatible.)

It's just driving me bonkers that there's no file checking program, even after all these years that this game has been out. Then again, it seems like the expansions and stuff packs come out relatively often. :P

Is there anything I can do other than delete all my CC or doing the 1/2 system (which makes me want to throw my computer out the window, btw)? Anything quick and not a pain in the ass would be awesome.

thesims2 = ♥!

EDIT: Alright, I have fixed my game! Here's my method:
1. Take all CC out from the Downloads folder into a new folder on your desktop.
2. Sort those files by date, then take a dated section and put it back into Downloads.
3. Test it out.
4. Rinse & repeat!

This method worked for me because I tend to download TONS of stuff in one day rather than pick out a set here and there. I also check all my new stuff in the HCDU (go to simwardrobe.com) before trying the above method. It works!
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