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Sims 2 Help

Hoping someone can help. I had to uninstall my Sims 2 games & EP's due to computer problems, and I saved ALL OF MY CUSTOM CONTENT to thumb drives before doing the uninstall. I have since loaded all of them on a different computer, and I installed all the custom content AFTER installing all of the EP's/Stuff packs. I put everything back in the correct folders, and I even tiled my windows side by side so that I could compare the new Downloads folder (for CC) to the saved folder to make sure that all the files were the same. I had TONS of different custom hair styles and outfits, and yet when I play the game, only very few of the custom hair and outfits show up during play. I have CC enabled, so I don't know why the game can't read ALL of my CC rather than just certain items. Can anyone tell me how I can get ALL of my CC to show up when I play? :(


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Mar. 7th, 2015 10:48 pm (UTC)
I'm not sure I understand what you mean by testing the custom content in-game? I mean, when the game starts it gives me the custom content warning, and I keep the Enable Custom Content checkbox checked. I've launched the game a couple more times since installing everything and still only part of the custom content shows up. I will have to check on the cached files. Where are those found again? Thanks for your reply.
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