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Let's get this started.
Welcome back to the L'ancien Alphabacy, I know it hasn't been long, just tedious on my end XD
I've been sick and coughing and hacking even when I'm sleeping, but still felt the need to play with the tags and cuts and all that on all my posts thus far. Still playing with it lol.

Previously in our Alphabacy:
You wouldn't be here if you didn't read it XD
Amira went through her invisible preganancy, and you were left in suspense!!!11!!

Warno: 92 pics, I believe. Also a ton of baby spam :D

And here we have gorgeous Generation B baby, a son named Bellamy.

Geez Adair, would you at least come look at your son? I know the mesh was messed up but you knew!!

Adair: "Hello Bellamy, I'm your daddy! You'll make me proud."

That face says, 'At least one day I hope.'
He looks utterly disappointed XD

Mommy Amira takes Bellamy downstairs for his first bottle,

then promptly gave him his first bath.

Amira: "Aren't we all clean and happy now?"
Bell: "Your hair is crazy! So is this room!!" :O
Welcome to the Rainbow Alphabacy kiddo lol.

And down he goes for a nappy. I have to say, I've now started the Dimwits, and this just makes me happy to see XDXD

Amira: 'Wow, a son. I'll get to cook so much stuff for him!!'

Meanwhile Adair is thinking about besties. I was surprised to find he had a couple.

Sure enough, no longer preggo and able to actually fill her hunger,
Amira plopped down with some pancakes.

Wow, I really hate that crib design XDXD

Amira: 'Need....knowleeedge..'

So naturally, she sat down to study parenting. Good idea.

Amira: 'I so happy!!'

Wow...this is surprisingly difficult for me. I've played a family since then,
before starting the alphabacy challenge. But I guess doing story is different :/

Amira learns something she had no clue about, as is often the case with babehs.

Meanwhile Adair was rousing from sleep just in time to go change a diaper.

Whipee!! *much sarcastic enthusiasm*

Adair (was still half asleep):
"Oh yeah, I have a kid now!"

Diaper change awaaaaaayyyy!!!!

Good lord it goes on the bottom, not the whole baby!

No words.

Adair: "Aw, der der Bell."

I'd forgotten how good of a dad he was to his son and daughter in his original family.
Whose names I shall not use, because they were recycled for the Alphabacy :D

Believe me, they do things on their own. I'm just bossy XD

Adair: "Let's get you all cleaned up from that bottle bud."

A-ha...ha. Guess you're the one who needs cleaning now. Aha.

ADAIR!! That is NOT what we do with babies!! I don't care what gets on you!!!

Thanks to sammyfrog, in one of her legacies, I knew right away it was the towel rack.

Adair: 'Too bad Amira's at work, I really stink..'

She was supposed to have maternity leave

And so in he climbed to wash off the baby vomit, and guilt for trying to do
whatever that was in the bathroom downstairs.

Uhm, but, he's a knowledge... Ooooohh, it's his secondary..
(Was said in posh lazy voice for some reason)

Deciding they had some extra cash, and it would probably stay that way
if God didn't rain down ridiculous bill mods, Adair hired a maid.

All these years, what the heck is in there anyways?
Well. Adair. You drink..

Well, at least you keep fruits and veggies in stock.

It's Mindeeeer....

I pronounce his name Min-der. Although it was intended to be Mind-er.
For he is the, uh, partner. Lol, of The Keeper Of Souls.
Minder here, is the one who fetches the deceased family members urn or headstone,
to take back to the Crypt/Cemetary. He Minds the souls. Lol. SHUPDUNJUDGEMEH!!
Anyways, Legacy Gardens is where he and The Keeper live, with kitty Guardian. Minder here
is a Lvl 5 journalist, an Obit. Writer. Clever, I know. Now that I think about it, I'm a little surprised
Adair hasn't brought him home from work yet. Minder here was part of my Failed First Attempt.
Fast friends, him and Adair. Behind him, the future Legacy Estate.


Wait- He's actually coming to the house? Still surprised..

Adair: "Hey. Long time no see. I have a kid now."
Minder. "Yes, she was pregnant when I met her."
Adair: "Oh..."

Lol their clothes match. Oops.

Adair paused the pancake process to go greet Minder. This one cleaned them up I guess.
Well, thank you for doing your job.

Adair: "Crap, I gotta go to work. Minder, I'm gonna call a nanny."
Minder: "Very well. Maybe I should go to the pool parlor."

Adair: "Alright tyke, Daddy'll be home soon."
Bell: "You're just leaving me here?!"

I thought I'd forgotten her name. Mallory Day. Welcome.
I. am. Watching. You.
I don't trust people with my babies.
$***. Ain't that some food for thought. >.>

Uhhh, Ooooookaaaaay. There was a tv set, outside.
behind the current set. Hmm.

Where ya taking him? Mind if I follow you? CLOSELY??

Looks good. For now. *squinty glare*

Minder, with his precious little face, and stoic soothing voice. Lightning flashing manically behind him.
I'm getting creeped out for Bell.


Hmph. Damn right.

So that's where the disturbing atmosphere of ominous music was coming from...

No expression whatsoever.


Amira: "What? Rain. Ugh."


Minder hunni. WTF ARE YOU DOING?!

Good lord I think I'm gonna have a heart attack.

Wow, white wash much?

Minder: "Well hello there little Bell..."
Bell: "Who the heck is this guy?"

Oh, no one hunni. Just Minder Of Souls. Hm. Maybe this isn't an omen.
Maybe he welcomes them to the world as well?
weshallsee, yasee?

He immediately turned and put him back. I'm pretty freaked out here.

Amira: "Ohai Minder! I'm not pregnant anymore!"
Minder: "Yes I saw. You must feel better now..."

I think she's just copying the painting XD

And with Minder gone and mommy home, so begins the repairing of apparently everything in the house.

Amira: "Stupid shower....gettin water everywhere..."

Adair. The day I had without you. Welcome home.

Adair: 'Swear I heard something..hm...'

Amira: "AAAGGHH, all in the kitchen geez!!!"

Lol, it's almost fixed, keep trying hun.

Almost there.

Adair decides to go check in on his 'lil bub and give him a diaper change.

Adair: "Hey buddy, Daddy missed you at work today. Did you have a good day?"
Bell: "Heck yeah, I met a ghost with rainbow eyes!"


Adair: "Lil guy sounds tired..."

I'd say XD

Adair: "Let's make sure you get some food in your tum-tum first."

What an affectionate father.

Den we burps deh babeh.

I'm not living through him, shup.

Adair: "Down ya go kiddo. Sleep tight."

Ah. Amira has already slipped by me to bed.

Awh. Look at widdle Bellamy sleeping. Maybe I'm feeling worse about it compared to my other family
I played through because they had all girls. He's the first boy born since I picked it back up.

Adair makes good use of the little upstairs reading corner I put together
so no one had to be far from the baby.

Lol. I got a notice saying she gained more enthusiasm.
She can now serve platters. XD

A short while later Adair followed her into their very comfy looking bed.

Uh-oh. Bell made a mess in his pants.

Amira had slept just long enough for the 'until 6' aspect of sleep to kick in.
Her bar had been full since like 1:30. So up she went to deh babeh.
Apparently her getting up woke up Adair too. Nicto.

Amira: "Dun worry son, Mommy has arrived!"
*puffs out chest*
Bell: "But, I didn't want breakfast..."

A quick diaper change,

and then a little play time. I remembered it's best to do that before feeding them XD

So. I was trying to have her hand Bell to Adair, so he could feed his son. She went downstairs.
I tried to get him to follow. She came back up. Luckily he was still up there.
But she went right by him, and put the baby in the crib. Adubleteheffe.

Bell fell asleep as soon as she put him down.
I thought Adair was going to pick him up, thinking the action was still in motion.
But he autonomously tucked Bell in!
How dare I doubt his parenting skill.

Her fun has been awful for like, ever. Let's see how she
chooses to fill it herself since I can't seem to help.

*Has mental breakdown about state of bathroom*

Well, if that's your idea of fun.

Good lord she's been unclogging the toilet for like, 2 sim hours.

*weary sigh* Thank you Adair, for showing me that the dishwasher is also broken apparently..

Adair: "Don't worry hun, I got it."

*Me and Amira silmultaneously swoon a little, she gives some suspicious glances skyward*

How ya liking the view Amira?

Amira: "I can't wait for Bell to go to college so we can have more alone time honey~"

Oh, well I guess Adair fetched his son to give him a bottle.
Without being told, yay! :D

Amira, you are right next to a friggin easel!!

Ah, the end of the update, with a bath for the wee Bell. Thank you for having your life together Adair XD

Next time, let's get this baby aged up!!

Thank you for reading, any questions or comments I'll be happy to hear!
~ETU <3


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