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Brains Legacy 7.5: The Brute Man

Episode Archive

Previously (a while ago) on the Brains Legacy: The family went on vacation to the Deep Forest, almost got eaten by bears, discovered a creepy guy in a shack, learned how to catch and eat their own raw fish, and sleep under tents.

Now the family has returned home and prepares for the kids to head off to college.

( The Brute Man )

Completed Apocalypse Challenge Stories?

I'm not entirely sure if this is okay, but I've tried the search; the tags and google. I'm desperately wanting to read some completed Sims 2 Apocalypse Challenges and I'm coming up with absolutely nothing. Surely, they have to exist?

So could somebody point me in the direction of a couple? Especially if they have the Fight Club/Zombie Apoc mods?

Or at least towards somewhere that might be able to do so?

Brains Legacy 7.4: Escape 2000

Previous Episodes

Last time on the Brains Legacy: Steffi Brains (gen 7 heir) her husband Cieran surprised me with a couple more twins, bringing their kid total to five. Steffi believes she knows exactly the best way to raise children (yep, one of those). Magic Voice and TV's Frank became teens and have the exact same LTW, which means an heir poll is in the near future.

 photo brains7-4.png
( Leave the Bronx )
Episode Index

Previously on the Brains Legacy: Steffi Brains, Perfect Mother and Don't Deny It or Else, and husband Cieran moved into a lovely new home where they proceeded to wear sweaters, eat chia pudding and follow a near-Quiverfull policy. Yikes. Will their kids TV's Frank, Magic Voice, and Steve Reeves rebel against this?

 photo brains7-3.png
( Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell )


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