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Survivor: Monday

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An experiment with near-total free will, including a toddler and teen. I've been interested in just how well a toddler would do without any assistance from me, and I wanted to try another free-will experiment, having learned, I think, a little from my last ones. This time the family of four adults, one teen, and one toddler move into an expensive home in downtown View Majestic. They wanted to live downtown because there are interesting characters there who don't show up in the suburbs.

The home is fitted out with many playthings - huge television, easel, musical instruments, karaoke machine, expensive computer. There are five double beds as well as a crib and changing table, and several bathrooms, all with bath-shower combinations. The kitchen has a long counter, two refrigerators, dishwasher and trash compactor,and later in the first day it acquired a second stove. The baby room has all of the usual toys as well as a baby potty, even though we know sims won't do any potty training if not directed.

Now, from the picture above, don't they look hopeful and ready to take on the world? Let's meet them, one by one.

Left to right, then. The attractive young man with the dreads is Useless Survivor. He is the son of Hopeful, the woman with dark hair, whom we will introduce in a minute. Useless is a dead serious young man, and very nice. He has a popularity aspiration. What we mostly notice from Useless is his niceness. He tends to little Hopeless before his own needs, for example.

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Behind Useless is Charles Darwin Survivor, holding Hopeless Survivor, his daughter. Charles is playful, sloppy, and dedicated to the pursuit of pleasure. He does adore his little one, holding onto her for quite some time when the gang first arrived at the house.

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Little Hopeless wants to be potty-trained, wants to learn to walk and talk. Sorry, kid, but you'll have to wait until you become a child. It ain't gonna happen. Which is too bad, because she's serious, very neat, outgoing, and reasonably grouchy. She doesn't take it well when she is allowed to soil her clothes, which happens regularly because she doesn't know how to use the potty and her adults usually wait until she's quite stinky before taking her off to the bathtub.

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Next is Hopeful, as neat as they come and serious, yet pursues pleasure as an aspiration. These conflicts could take her down eventually. She takes turns with the others in caring for the little one.

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Next to Hopeful is Phoebe, a moderately neat and active romance sim. Her grouchiness sets her apart, though. Oh Phoebe, why have you made poor Lennie Clone cry? He just came by to welcome you downtown.

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Finally, Matthew. Hungry for knowledge, this young man is as serious as he can be, and a moderate in every other respect. He tries to make friends with everyone else in the house.

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Although the gang has every advantage, still their entry into the world of near-total free will tests them greatly. We let them hire a maid, but it isn't enough. What will be enough? Will any of them survive?

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