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Survivor: Part III - or Useless Life

Part I Part II
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Useless, the son of Phoebe, had entered the Survivor home with trepidation. He'd asked Phoebe not to pull him away from his friends to live with six other people he'd never seen before. But she saw the advantages of taking the position. The gang was promised the house and land and everything in it if they survived the venture for a month. The producers promised to eliminate fundamental obstacles, like lack of food, and they permitted the hiring of a maid, and they even let the sims get jobs if they wanted.  Those who survived the first week would  be eligible for flirts the next, and who knew where that might lead? Especially for Phoebe, who wanted to get on with the woohoo. Did she think ahead, though? No woohoo without Direction...heh.

To Useless none of it sounded good. He wanted to be with his friends and he didn't care about the money or the space. He also worried about his schoolwork. He'd never been a star student, and he only made it through elementary school because he was Directed to do his homework every night. Without that Direction what would happen to him?

It all started well enough. He quickly became fond of little Hopeless, whose sad eyes were a magnet for his own soul.

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(I know, some of these pix are repeats - but they are illustrating different aspects of this challenge).

He was the nicest, possibly, of the group, having a score of eight on the niceness scale. But it was no time before he was struggling to overcome the lack of socialization. Even in a crowd of eight he failed to seek out and have sufficient contact with the others. He wasn't particularly shy,  but the opportunity just didn't seem to arise. So it was that on the second day the Social Bunny came to visit.

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Useless "laughed loudly" at the bunny, but his laughter didn't seem happy.

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The creepy creature followed him everywhere. He wanted to attack it but his niceness got in the way. At least if he'd attacked it he might have filled up that socialization bar a bit more. Ultimately he fell asleep with the bun watching - leering? - over him.

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The following day, Useless was down in most levels. He missed school, dropping his grade to a D. He managed to keep eating, in the hopes that his life would turn around, but the memory of that D stuck with him. He also managed to sleep, fitfully. His control of other functions started to weaken, however. He found himself in an empty bathroom, bladder full and stinking to high heaven...

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Did he use the toilet?

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After peeing on the floor, he really reeked, yet he stood there yelling about it interminably before he realized there was a tub right there. Finally he turned on the faucets and stepped gingerly into it, only to jump out a few seconds later. He looked at the shower for a bit, realizing that it was safe after all, and turned on the faucets again, took a nice long bubble bath.

To be fair,  Useless wasn't the only one to lose control of his bladder.

Charles Darwin did.

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And so did Hopeful.

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Keep in mind that there are many bathrooms and they all work. It seems that the gang is having a little bit of a hard time of it. All of their basic needs are met but their wants are not, except accidentally. How long before they simply become suicidal or crazy? Or dead?

As for Useless, by Friday he was failing in school. His mood was plunging, but like a trooper he played chess with his mom.

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At least he can accumulate a few skill points.

What happens to a teen who fails school? The Creator is waiting to find out.

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