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Survivor: Will they ever die??

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In which we continue to follow the unfortunate lives of sims left to themselves...

When last we left our unmerry band, the five adults had just lost their babies to the social worker. Now everyone in the gang has lost a baby. Fair's fair.

After spending a few moments of grief over their losses, most of the group went back to crying for themselves.

The house is quieter now, without all that baby crying business, but Phoebe is no happier. For the most part, Phoebe, Charles Darwin, Hopeful, Matthew and Useless are doing better at meeting their own needs. Some of the time, anyway.

Sometimes one or another of the gang goes for a walk out in the suburban neighborhood, away from the noisy, distracting downtown in which they live. Useless happens by the house Karol Peterson shares with her roomies and is invited in. The two click practically immediately and Useless dares to raise his hopes.

Karol gestures to him, obviously feeling something for Useless as well.

Useless' hopes are confirmed when...

Karol proposes to him. He accepts immediately and starts to make noises about the place where he lives, saying it's a dump, surely she doesn't want to go live there with him, fearing that the curse of the Survivor household will rub off on his new beginning. Karol immediately invites him to join her humble household, which looks as rich as a palace to Useless.

Imagine her shock - and Useless's - when they both discover that a distant relative died and left Useless with over FOUR MILLION SIMOLEONS!! (Yes!! He moved in with an incredible amount of money! The Creator laughed uproariously at this particular glitch.) The two might be in love but they weren't stupid. They knew that if they moved out of the house their roommates would keep all that money and they would be given a measly 20,000 simoleons to begin their life as a couple. Well. Roommates can serve a good purpose in the life of a couple that's about to tie the knot. They can serve as built-in nannies, for one, when babies come. And when they are no longer useful they can be sent on their way with their own twenty thou as a cushion.

The couple decided, then, not to waste a moment but to go househunting. The four roommates - Karol, Useless, Catherine Springer, and Liisa Analore - found a large, completely furnished house not far from their little pad that was well within their budget. Any house in View Majestic was within their means now, of course. This one had been built before vehicles came to View Majestic and there were a few odd issues with the driveway and garage, but the house had everything they would need until the first babe arrived, plus enough room to accomodate a child when it did come. When they arrived at the house Useless dropped to his knees...

...and blessed the hallowed ground Karol walked on. He had escaped. He had indeed escaped. We'll check in on him again a little later.

Meanwhile, Hopeless has grown into a teen in her new home with her new parents.

and Alma Mahler has grown into a child. Neither remember anything about their former lives in the Survivor household, but they do maintain friendships with the adults who were close to them then. Their new mom, Abigail McCoy, loves having the two and is so satisfied with her adoptions that she decides to take on the baby, Georgia Frideric, as well. The social worker arrives, certain that Georgia will do well here.

Jack immediately takes the babe to feed it and gently place her in the crib. That expression is chronic; has nothing to do with Jack's feelings about all these adoptions.

The remaining Survivors are not so lucky. The bathroom accidents are more frequent now.

The collapses are so common that they don't even show up in the memories any more. Perhaps passing out more than once takes away the entire ugly memory.

The bunnies are making regular trips. Yet, so far, no two bunnies have run into each other, even when they've been on the lot at the same time.

So far the bunnies have visited Matt and CD but not Phoebe or Hopeful. It has taken the buns quite a bit of time to get these sims back in social order. The sims want to give the bunnies backrubs or attack them or argue or simply chat, but while these thoughts roll around in their heads all they actually do is stand there. Or get prepared for a fight...

It never gets past this, though. So the bunnies stay around, juggling, making jokes, watching over the old men while they sleep, until the sims have returned to relative normal and actually interact with someone again.

While the Survivors continue to suffer their rather dragged-out destiny, which at times becomes deleriously boring for The Creator, the Escaped Survivors get on with their plans. Useless goes straight to the elixir of life and drinks up...

That is, after he's gotten married...

and the newlyweds waste no time.

This is a family story! A story full of morals and important messages for young people! That's why you aren't seeing the woohoo.

Hopeless begs Sixth Lover to let her use her fingerprint gun and she scans the house and the neighborhood for prints. When she finds some that belong to her real dad, Charles Darwin, she doesn't recognize them.

She is heard to remark that, unlike most teens, she really likes the security of being controlled.

Next: The Creator PROMISES to put an end to the misery soon. One little life at a time.

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