February 11th, 2006

Anyone played SIMS2 on PSP or NINTENDO DS?

Yesterday I posted a post about buying a new laptop for my vacation this summer it includes a LONG flight (15 hours) and I wanted to take my SIMS 2 with me.. the problem I found was that SIMS2 doesnt play well on cheap laptops so that is out of the question for me.. Now I am looking into PSP or NINTENDO DS for Sims2.. I know they are NOT like the "real" game but still.. I went ahead and purchased the NIntendoDS with SIMS2 and in the car I realized its based in a hotel or something.. I know PSP has one.. are they the same games.. if you had to chose which one to play which one? and why.. sorry for all these silly posts its just that I need something to entertain me :)

going to class?

I just got university today and I've been playing it for a couple hours and have not yet had a sim go to class. I don't know how to send them! It seems like it should be OBVIOUS and I'm probably just missing something, but it isn't in the book or in memories. There's no carpool. No pop-up. How do you send a sim to class?

And everything else for that matter, lol.

going to class part 2

Okay I've looked for and tried what people told me about sending my sims to class. The options just *in*not*there*. Is there some hack for the original sims game known to mess this up? Just a glitch? I just got put on academic probation for missing my final because I couldn't find a way to send her!

Help with shower bug.

Hi there. I'm brand new to this community. I poked around the memories and searched the site for this, and while I could find reference to this happening, I didn't see any solution.

My Sims shower was leaking, and since she is really poor I decided to give it a shot at fixing it herself. I thought it would be safe (not like she could get electrocuted right?) Now there is water shooting out of her body all the time! I know other people have seen this - does it go away? Is there something I can do?

I downloaded and installed the patch and it didn't go away! :(

Thanks guys!

The Simvard Experiment - Part 1

This is a brand new story for the Legacy Challenge, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting this together.

* * * * *

Eliza Fairchild is a recent Graduate from Simvard Law School.

She so excelled at her studies that she has been asked to be part of an experiment. The Simworld is growing fast, and strong figures are needed to lead communities.

She has been given a town on the edge of the city. The town is bare of any inhabitants and of any necessities. She will have to make this town grow, first by building a home for herself, then by enticing young and upcoming people to help grow the community.

She has been given free rein and it is now totally up to her to make this town a success.

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I seem to remember at some point reading about a way to make young adults instead of making a teen and waiting for them to go to Uni. Either that or a way to age them during the game without sending them away. How was this done? Does the inSIMinator do it?


Hey Everyone

I know theres been a lot of posts about graphics cards lately, so sorry to add another. This one is kind of specific though.

Does anyone have this graphics card: BFG GeForce FX 5500 256MB AGP Graphics Card

And if so does it work well with the sims 2? Are the graphics really good?

I'm just wondering because its not on the sims as an officially supported graphics card, but GeForce FX ones that are very similar are supported, which is confusing. None of the supported ones that arent like $900 are available at the future shop, in Canada anyway.

Thank you very much!

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hottays legacy

Sorry it’s been awhile. School has kept me busy and I got quite a few warnings from photobucket saying I needed to watch my bandwith. Expect quite a few pictures, I’m severely behind on my pictures and have tons more. Most of the other updates won’t be this long but I just have too many pictures and needed to get them out. But whatever, read the new chapter!

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(good looks/drama follow this cut)
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ESPN Presents: Fightin' Dormies

I've had an interesting thing happen in one of my Uni dorms. I decided to take a whack at the Romance LTW "woohoo with 20 different sims" and sent the sim with it to college (to maximize chances before jobs and the real world interfere). Using the dormie gender controller hack, she's the only girl, with 8 guys. I also put in the casual-sex hack to try to speed this up and avoid jealousy problems. She got up to 6 different woohoos by the end of freshman year (I didn't have the casual-sex hack when I started her freshman year so jealousy was, yes, an issue).

Then I went on to other neighborhoods for a while and bought Nightlife and installed it. Today I got back to the Romance sim and started working on the short-term goal I set for her, namely hit all 20 before the option to reroll aspiration kicks in. In the meantime, suddenly fights are breaking out all over the dorm. There are several dormie fights a day, sometimes as many as one per sim-hour for several hours. It's unbelievable.

None of them involve my playable Romance sim. No, it's playing out like some weird Wild Kingdom show about baboons. Dormie Alan was ganged up on by six of his roommates, who took turns slapfighting the hell out of him. Sometimes he won, but usually he only got a break by escaping to class. Then some of the other dormies began fighting among themselves. There's furious-flames everywhere by now and I've lost track of who hates who. There's one exception: Dormie Serdar (I think) instead of beating on Alan began tickling him, then they started pillow-fighting, and now there's little hearts whenever Alan thinks of Serdar. This is proving quite the fascinating little nonplayable mini-drama while I try to line up the next available Y-chromosome for my Romance sim to take to the mat.

Has anyone else ever had this happen? At first my Romance sim freaked out at all the fights, and now she just walks past 'em. I guess when you've got round-the-clock beatdowns in your dorm you stop noticing. I'm not sure she's the one to blame, given the dormies ignore her completely, but it could be possible. Or maybe they found out Alan bogarted the "bubble blower", I don't know. ;)
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FREE WILL family

I did a free will thing somewhat like judith and thought I would share it. The pictures suck because I didnt fix all the high quality stuff after I reinstalled it. So, if you care to look at the snapshots, click HERE!


I know it's kinda boring but It's mostly just an introduction to the characters.


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What do Jawas do when they aren't busy stealing droids to sell on the black market? They... pillow fight! :)

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Of course, this brings up my question.... Using Stretchskeleton is great fun... but... How do I keep them tiny when I leave the lot and come back?

***EDIT***** I found the answer by accident! WOOO!!! And the ANswer lies.... right here.
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'I dunno'
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Normal looking vampires?

I think I saw something on this a while ago, but I can't for the life of me find it now. Is there a way to make it so vampire sims keep their own skin and eyes rather than the in game one? I vaguely remember seeing something about editing the vampire skin somehow to allow this and wodered if anyone knows any easy ways to achieve this.


Klingon Sim Family

Meet the Hodes (Klingon Family of mine) Drex is the Guy, Barot is the very fiery lady & they have too lovely (but very strong-willed Daughters named Azetbut & Kahlest. Images behind the LJ Cut....Hope you enjoy X!

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