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Last Update: 19th December.

If you haven't been keeping track of the Howards, click here to view the index.

Last we left the Howards, Bianca had discovered she was the second generation heir to the legacy. Not looking too happy about it, she went off to university to see if it was for her.

"First things first, look for man...."

I like your style girl.

B decides she should probably get into the swing of things and declares herself a Mathematics Major. I have no idea how she rolled that want up.

With far too much family money in her hands, she decides to give the matchmaker a call.

What the?....

"I want to have wild woo-hoo with crazy men! I'm in uni! I get to experiment!"


This looks more promising!

Back at home, Cody is harrassed constantly by Angel.

B returns home with a makeover, deciding that Uni wasn't for her (or me..)

"Seriously, that matchmaker..matches shit!"

If you stopped paying the matchmaker the absolute minimum B, you'd be ok.

Cody rocks on for more aspiration points.

"Come on, I'm giving you $5000! Give me something good!"

What the?

Somewhat better. B and I both decide it's a good idea to at least have a date with this guy.

It turned out to be an "OK" date. At least she made a friend.

Elizabeth decides to spontaneously combust.


Nicer! She's very cute and would have taken over from B as heir apart from the fact that she also has 0 nice points and B is hotter.

Cody and Bianca discuss how beautiful and lovely Elizabeth grew up to be.

But that bores Bianca and she decides it would be much better to play swimming pools in the bath.

Elizabeth studies hard every day, she wants to become Chief of Staff like her Daddy.

And Cody did become Chief of Staff and celebrated by perving on his friend he bought home from work.

And Bianca, what was she doing? Celebrating by pashing Eric.

And Eric celebrated by delivering a bunch of roses.

Elizabeth finally got a scholarship and joined her other sisters and brother at University.

Bianca finally realised why her Mother wasn't in the house.

She literally sobbed for hours.

Oooh, what's this? Remembering her college dates, B decided she was going to ask that hottie, Lynwood over for a date.

Bianca works fast. On that date she asked Lynwood to move in.

Cuddled up for a picture.

And got it on....

Yay. Babies.

"What does this mean?"

It means you're gonna get fat, B.


Lynwood loved to listen to Bianca's music.

But he also had a special surprise.

"What?! Does this mean I can't have 50 dream dates now?!"

Well, no one will want you after babies.

"Oh." "But it sparkles! I love sparkles."

B is a special girl.

Angel's not so sure about Lynwood. A omen perhaps.

B bucks the trend and decides to get married in a black dress. She still looks freaking hot.

All the Howards attend the wedding.

Bump Number One.

Three cheers for B and her new baby!

I've got plenty more pictures where that came from. Look out for another entry soon!
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