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I added a sizable list of tags to the community tonight. After you update, you can click the button on the entry page (looks like ) or use the "edit tags" link on the community page or on your friends page in most styles. You should then be able to choose from the list of provided tags. You can also type in tags while updating, but it's not as convenient.

Please keep in mind that you should only add relevant tags; no piling on every tag imaginable. Please try to be logical about it. There are some more 'subtle' situations: for example, if you're posting your legacy story update, please use just "stories: legacy". You don't need to also add "stories: general".

Any member of the community can add tags to entries, but only maintainers can remove tags or add new tags to the list. If you want a tag added, this is the place to ask for it. The removal bit is a limitation of the system, unfortunately, or I'd set it to let any member also remove tags.

Since we can't see who adds which tags, we simply ask that you be respectful and logical if you're adding tags to entries you didn't write; if this doesn't work out, we'll have to switch to only maintainers doing anything with tags, or get rid of it altogether.

With all that kept in mind, I am adding tags to recent-ish entries, but I am definitely not going back through all 12,400+ entries to tag them! We still have both memories and community search to provide you with a very full set of archiving features. Please take the time to use ALL of them before asking questions!

And last but not least I've changed the community's style, which I hope makes the search function more prominent and in general the community prettier. ;) It may yet get tweaked some more, though.
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