peo_ni (peo_ni) wrote in thesims2,

Requesting Custom Sim

I'll admit, I'm all thumbs when it comes to creating Sims. I generally download other people's creations and alter them a bit and I'm happy with that. 

I came across an image today on Deviantart and thought the subject would make a really cute Sim. However, she's a hand-drawn character and as I stated above, I have no talent at making custom Sims. 

So, I'm here asking if someone could create a Sim modeled after the image I'm going to post behind the cut. I didn't see anything in the rules about requesting, so I think this is okay. 

This is the character that I woud like made into a Sim. If someone can do this, awesome, if not - no biggie. I'll include a side profile as well.

Thanks so much in advance to anyone who can do this! My email is: citrusfishy [at] if you need to contact me or send a file. Thanks again!
Tags: bodyshop, custom content, premade sims/families
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