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Base game only Sims Playing, iliveforsleep's fifth rotation

As previously stated, I am working my way through learning the Base game for The Sims 2.  I am trying to do this very thoroughly with all of my OCD tendencies showing through and I am also trying to learn to break my usual habits of all Sims with cheap furniture and everyone doing nothing but studying.

Now, for the fifth rotation:

Davis and Gindorf

Stuart, Yasadhara, and Ovid

There are 24/23 pictures per post respectively and they are all medium sized jpgs.

If you have not read my previous Rotations it is not critical that you do, but if you would like to, please see my previous post, "Base game only Sims Playing, a Simmers experiences as she tries to go back and relearn the game."  I have an explanation of what I am attempting to do as well as links to all of the previous posts in order there.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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