missadiasims (missadiasims) wrote in thesims2,

Can't Rid Lot of 'Super Duper Hug' Interaction

I've recently had a report that one of my lots has the 'Super Duper Hug' interaction happening on it. I've tried several of the suggested fixes, but the person is still reporting the issue in the lot.

I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions about what should be done? I've attempted these two fixes - here and here. And the reported buggy lot is here (it's a community lot). The person who reported it has tried visiting other lots (one Maxis, one custom - and can only see the issue at this lot).

I'm a bit frustrated at this point, because I can't see any issue when playing the lot, but don't want to be uploading anything buggy. Any suggestions?
Tags: lots/building, mods/hacks

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