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Heller!! :3

My sent messages are embarrasing for me to look at right now vnv

I do promise I will play my Alphabacy and post updates for it, I'm al...most....done catching up with the Ducklings (sammyfrog)

I actually have made progress since the second update though, as far as continuing prep for this challenge. The Keeper got an assisstant, Minder, and he is the one who will actually be retrieving the deceased sims.

Since he is not a part of the actual story, I figure I'll give you a quick (it's not quick lol sorry) read-back of how prep for The Keeper went. No pics though I sowwy vnv

The Keeper, I wanted to have the paranormal career track, Level 5, because then he would be a medium and come on how is that not perfect! Unfortunately for me, always making my life eternally more complicated, this meant I had an adult sim who needed college. So, The Keeper adopted a kitten, righteously named Gaurdian. The families last name, of course, is Of Souls (The Keeper Of Souls, Gaurdian Of Souls, Minder Of Souls) So that way Gaurdian could, well, gaurd the house and it would be there for The Keeper to come back to, after I aged him down, got his grades up from F, got him into private school, and got a couple of grants so he could finally go to freaking college!!!!!! Most of this gameplay was played on supah-dupah-fast because I wanted, believe it or not, to take as little time to do this. (Plx, don't tell me if there's a way to just cheat them a job because this is like a week real time I wasted TTnTT)

So, off to college he went. He went to uhm.....the Desert..one. Yah. lol. He joined a dorm, and began his studies. He was fairly academic. Somewhere along his second year, I thought, 'I should give him some kind of love interest.' But then just kinda shrugged it off. Not a sim hour later, I caught him kiss-up-arming, a guy. Although, that is what I was thinking when I had prior thoughts, it knocked the wind out of me LOL XD.

Understand a couple of things here. I have nothing wrong with same-sex relationships, had them myself. I think they're awesome lol.
I also, have no ACR or anything like that. The only mods I've played with up to this point are clothes, some food, desk locater, and I've just added no-friends-for-promotion, but haven't actually played it yet.
Point being, I have NEVER had a sim, be same sex, of their own free will. Never. It stunned me. Lmao. It was, as my roomate would put it, It was a beautiful thing.

So, imagine my schock, when it turned out that every guy in his dorm, was gay. Every one of them. XD And they all, ALL, flirted, loved, you name it, with eachother. So many times people were caught cheating and messed with The Keeper, that I had to exit without saving so as to not ruin his little soul. His dorm, was, excuse all my crassness, his dorm was full of a bunch of man-whores. And he was one of them XDXDXDXD

Finally, goodness, he graduated. Top of class. I kicked him back home so fast his head spun lol.
Then, it occured to me.

As mentioned briefly in my first L'ancien update, as Adair took off for his first day of first sim with first job, I had to remake Adair and Amira. (I said twice, but it was only once, however I played them quite a lot the first time so might as well have been twice.)
I had to remake them because I made the poor decision to put them in an apartment complex, then include other people. As to avoid having stupid neighbors. But, I put them, god help me, in a complex with like 7 apartments. Not realising that meant they'd have stupid neighbors no matter what.


So, the neighbors they had, were Cherry and Bubblegum Pop, twins who aspired for fortune and fame in music. And Nate Talon. Cutest guy I've EVA made lol. And he had the most used base maxis face ever! But, with make-up and so on, oh my lerd he was cute.
In the orginal play through of this, Nate was the one who got Adair out of his shell, convincing him that Cherry said that Amira had a huge crush on him. She did. He climbed out of it and began the climb of time for my Legacy.

So, since Nate, was just so adorable. And, well, gay, I realized, ermahgerd I'll use him!!!
So, I remade him, and threw him in a house, which I soon moved to be right next door to Legacy Gardens, the Graveyard/Crypt The Keeper domains over for my Legacy family, in hopes that after 3 unsuccessful trips out, he would meet The Keeper.
Who, was still messing around...with his college boyfriend -_-*
Although, Minder, Nates new name, did meet Adair and heavily pregant (because that's, as you know, where I left them) Amira. So the good news is, they have ties to my legacy family now.

I'm actually not entirely sure where they....oh god. No, I remember. Yeahp....that's why I haven't played lol.
Okay, so. The Keeper met Minder on a walk-by of his house, they met, yadda yadda. Minder moved in to the Legacy Gardens. So I got started on finding The Keepers much troubled for career, paranormal. Minder, who I realized to late I could have sent to college with him had I thought about it in time, was going for journalism, same as Adair, actually. I was going to leave him at level 5, Obituary writer. I figured it was perfect. The Keeper, keeps the souls, and is a legal medium for help contacting them. Minder, who goes to retrieve them from the family, would also sit down and collect the information for their obituary.

I maybe can't remember the details, but, The Keeper found his job, and got fired on his first day. D:<
So I reloaded. And hadn't saved in an arm wrenching amount of time. Played all the way back through, got his job again.
The first time he got hired, he was at level 4. One too low. Okay, well, just get a promo right?
Well, after he got fired, and got his job back, he was a level too high...
(Loud inner screech of death)
So, I said NOOOP and walked out.

I'll pick back up, I mean, jeez after all that I'm right there. I just have to finish up The Keeper for finally!! And then catch the rest of the way up to the Ducklings, and on I freaking go!!!

I also have a fabulous list of boy and girl names of each letter compiled so I can hopefully encourage myself to play.

I'm also beginning the decent into some light mods to make gameplay easier/more interesting. But I am on a very cruddy lap-top, so I'm not sure what he can handle lol.

Thank you so much for reading!! I look forward to entertaining you! <3


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