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The L'ancien Alphabacy - A.3: Eternal

Aaaahhh, finally back to the Legacy Challenge. I have finally caught up with my readings, broken and replaced a TV, and fixed my game, finished the setup and can finally continue this challenge!! I took lots of pictures, some are probably pointless, I sorry vnv

Previously: Amira moved in, (wow things went fast lol) they got married, Amira got preggies, and then did a magic trick XD

I chose the title because, everything was just eternal. The gameplay, the pregnancy, the two foods they ate, the fact that it took soooo looong to even get back to playing. Lol. Everything was just so long XD

Amira Intro.jpg

We begin this update with Amiras stat pic,
taken from when she announced her pregnancy.
(Link to full size pic)

And just where do you think you're waddling off to?
To the store, where she went home right away because she was broke XD

Upon waddling back into her house, she sat down to finish the plate of spaghetti she left.

Making a quick trip to the bathroom, Adair was kicking up a skill point for his first promotion.
Well, he didn't need it yet, but better prepare!

Amira: "Good idea! I'll have this baby and get into my cooking career before too long!
I should study physiology!"

Oh....okay hun... XDXD

Amira: "Oh yeah baby, get up those stairs!!"
Adair: "Please stahp..."

The happy couple decides that now is just as good a time to snuggle and be all, affectionate~

Awhh, they're so sweet x3

After some uh, love-conniptions? XD The pair decided to get some sleep.

At least before Adair snuck off to get the last of that delicious, never-ending pastettis.

Adair: "Spaghetti, this is the food of the gods. This is mine. Oh yeah..."

o.o' He looks a little too happy XD

Wow, he is just super cheery today lol.
Off to work then.

Adair: 'That mail.....it ruins my cheer. Bills...' <-- Is internally growling.

Adair: "Do you really have to honk? I'm right here.... Idiot..."

Lol looks like his day might not be so fun-filled.

Meanwhile, Amira wakes up earlier than she would have, because her bladder has had enough.
Oh my, that face. Close-up shall we?

Amira: 'Can't sleep, baby crushin' my organs, gotta pee... uuuugghhh!!'

It's been hard to keep her fed and fun-filled throughout this pregnancy, I can't wait for my little Gen B babeh!!!

Amira: "Well, I'm up, might as well freshen up a bit..."

Uhhh, Amira? You're carrying awfully far back, what'd you do wif my babeh?
Lol, mesh issues.

Amira: "Mmm, soo good left over..."

Amira: "Finally, sleep...."

Amira: "Kiss.....Adair...no..sumowrestlers....uuughhh, baseball...."

Uhh, alrighty then..moving on.

Adair: "Why do I have to carpool? Why can't I just walk?"

Well, I mean, you can XD

Ooohooo!! He brought home a promotion! Yaaaay!!

Adair: "If I clean the house, and take out the trash, my very pregnant wife will be happy."

He's intent on being a devoted husband. I'm so proud of him.

Good lord the spaghetti is finally gone. At this point I'm always so sick of them eating the same thing,
that usually by now I've made them learn a bunch so I never have to see it again XD

With a promotion and a bonus in hand, Adair decides to be rid of the bills that started the end of his cheer XD

Awh I so proud, she cleaned up the dishes all by herself lol.

Two things about this,
1: What kind of mind does she have that this commercial is making her think about this?
2: How do they learn cooking when everything on the tv is commercials!
Aah, just like american programming~

Amira: 'I has to learn to cook, so I can make my hubby happehs~'

Hunni, whatcha watching there?

Oh. Sim death.

She seems to be a bit twisted.

I think I took this to show them both skillin, or that I thought the mirror in the bathroom was a picture of her or something XD
I have to play with walls half down or whatever it is, but I try to have them up during pictures. I sorry vnv

And Adair reveals that I'm an idea stealah >:D
Much like her, I love the idea of having a couple pic of my founders, so I do dis.
I actually have my own idea, from the orginal L'ancien family, although in this family it's not as meaningful.
(It's where you do a gen pic, with oldest to youngest lined down and do a profile shot of the line, capturing the entire gen)
But since I'm doing a one per kinda thing for this legacy, it's pointless vnv
Although I may still find a way.

Aaaand she burns her grilled cheeseys XD

She serves them anyways, can't let, uh, food, go to waste lol.

Amira: 'I hope he doesn't notice...' worryworry

Amira: "Hi honey! How is your sammich?"

Adair: "Uh, fine..?"

Adair: "Actually it's really good!"

Amira: "Awh! You are my best-friend ever!"

Adair: "Of course I am, you're mine." ;D

Honey, you married her, she's having your baby, stahp with the crippling flirtation lol.

Adair: "Oh yeah, and I bought some blocks for the baby to play with, when she's older."

Amira: "Wouldn't you get blocks for a boy?"

Cuisine plus. I watched. He did not gag once. Either he really didn't notice, or, he just likes charcoal XD

Adair: "Well, I don't really think it matters. Blocks aren't a gender-defined toy."

Geez you guys with this XD
I'll never let slip tell what they had >w>

Amira ultimately decides her food is pukatronic, regardless of what her hubby thinks lol.

After that she slugs it back up the stairs, I spend so much time trying
to fill her fun, her energy is gone before I notice.

Adair is quick to join her, how sweet :3

These dreams brought to you, by the Llama.

Eachother, their home, a stranger? And food.
LOL she gained enthusiasm in her sleep!!

A sunrise snuggle. Even though they look like vampires, they're a very laid back couple.

Alright, where is this baby!? I'm beginning to think she's never gonna have it!!

Adair: "How about we watch a movie later hun?"

Amira: "Sure, as long as it's not about bad food." *gag*

Again. He did not grimace once. He's weird XD

I'm pretty sure the baby should be coming today, so I had Adair call in from work right before his carpool came.
Amira checking for her cooking career.

Amira is so focused on food and cuisine and cooking, so I remembered to have her check for
an opening in her LTW realted career. Cooking of course.

Amira: "Must, contain....rage..."

No luck then...

So, she begrudgingly settled for her usual cooking program XD

The founder couple portrait is finally complete, yay!
I plan on putting their portraits on either side of it.

Adair: "Uhh, my wife finished using the bathroom, can you not just barge into my house?"

LOL The hobby lady just waltzed right into the bathroom where Adair was skilling for work.
This was actually taken from the mirror, the bathroom was too little to fit it in non-akwardly.
(Adair was behind where the camera was)

Adair: "Oh, this grilled-cheese must be burnt or something.."

WELL, it's been in the fridge for forever, and yes, slowbro, it was burnt XD

Amira: "Uhm, hello?! I'm very sleepy!! And very pregnant!!"

Well go to bed silly. Her energy keeps slipping from me.

Amira: "Uhm Hello??!"

Uggghh, yees?

Oh. OH. Adair! I know you just laid down, but maybe you should get back up?

Adair: "Is it time? Oh yeah, I'm gonna rule at being a dad." *cackles evilly in head*

When did he get like this? LOL

Amira: *screams loud enough to wake up all the neighborhoods.* "ADAAAAIIIRR!!"
Adair: "I'm coming, I'm right here! Geez.."

HA. You has to wait until next time! :P

Next time :D Meet our Gen B babeh!

Thank you for reading! Any questions about my gameplay or mods I use, I'll be happy to answer! :3


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