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(That entry is specifically for FreeTime, but the advice it gives is good for any new expansion pack.)
I have plenty of Alien eyes but would like to find Pixie, Elf and Fairy eyes..different colors and shapes..for Sims2

If anyone can help me out please..thank you in advance for your help :)

I thought of a few other things I need if anyone can help with them as well..

Wildlife Statues, deer, birds, squirrels, things like that...

Also need a bridge to go over a creek..I tried making one earlier but failed big time.. got these..

Thank you for your help in advance..

Sims 2 Help

Hoping someone can help. I had to uninstall my Sims 2 games & EP's due to computer problems, and I saved ALL OF MY CUSTOM CONTENT to thumb drives before doing the uninstall. I have since loaded all of them on a different computer, and I installed all the custom content AFTER installing all of the EP's/Stuff packs. I put everything back in the correct folders, and I even tiled my windows side by side so that I could compare the new Downloads folder (for CC) to the saved folder to make sure that all the files were the same. I had TONS of different custom hair styles and outfits, and yet when I play the game, only very few of the custom hair and outfits show up during play. I have CC enabled, so I don't know why the game can't read ALL of my CC rather than just certain items. Can anyone tell me how I can get ALL of my CC to show up when I play? :(

Addon Recs

I've been thinking about delving back into Sims 2 again and was thinking I'd really like to try some new stuff. I've never downloaded any mods or any type of custom content before, so I'm totally new to that. But I have seen a lot of awesome hair, clothes, and new things like animals in a lot of the legacy stories on here and I'd really like to get some of that in my game.

So does anyone have any mods or good download sites (with good instructions please!) for a noob to such things like me? Anything you can't imagine playing without is good too :)

I have all the expansions if that makes a difference.
I totally forgot about these and just found this old post that never went live, because LJ was messing up at the time! :)

I never liked the way all the teen jobs were after school with pretty much the same hours. Or the fact that teens finish so early in the first place, so I decided to change it. I've pruned these files down as much as I possibly can, to reduce the strain on your downloads folder and also hopefully reduce conflicts. I've been playtesting them and they seem to work fine, but of course if you have any issues do post.

Click the clicky for:
- Normal teen careers with more realistic hours and wages.
- Four teen careers to match the adult Uni jobs, which transfer correctly on age up.
- Two brand new custom schools.
- Changed hours on the in-game schools.
- Really detailed information (spreadsheets, yay!!) about these downloads.

Read more...Collapse )

Four things

First, I downloaded several years ago some custom instruments: a cello and a blue old-style guitar. None have ever worked in my game, just wondering if anyone's been able to make them work. Also, since I can't find them again, I'm wondering who made them if anyone knows.

Second, this couch set requires a mesh, but the original creator deleted it. In fact, I'd also like to see the original couch mesh's colors if anyone has pics of it as well.

Third, and this is directly related to this creator and FF VII, originally the creator (also known as sephiroth1) had also made Zack's swimshorts (of which I do not have a pic) and Cissnei's hair as seen here. Yes, I am aware that similar hairs and swimshorts exist, but I'm looking for those specific ones if anyone has them.

Fourth, I downloaded bedroom set #5 from Raonsims here. My issue with it is that on some lots, the bed works just fine, while on other lots, it causes my selected Sim to spin around in place everytime I click somewhere, even interrupting some social or object interactions from other Sims. I noticed that, among other lots, the problem happens on some houses used as University lots. I am just wondering why it happens and how it can be fixed, whether in SimPE or something else.
And I can't figure out where they're hiding. I removed the whole entire downloads folder. Projects folder is empty. At one point I downloaded a buyable mailbox, but removed it without ever using it. Also, I have downloaded several of plasticbox's lots, some of which contain multiple mailboxes (though I'm not using any in my current game, iirc). Not sure it that's relevant, but I want to give full disclosure.

It's my understanding that once in your game, custom mailboxes can cause problems; does that include phantom recolors, lol?

Here is a screengrab of the thing I want out of my game:

Screen Shot 02-16-14 at 11.45 AM

I didn't even know these recolors were in my game until I installed cyjon's bigger bills mod and it wouldn't function. Don't know how they got there, or how to get rid of them. To be clear, these recolors are present in my game with the downloads folder completely absent, and after having cleared the accesory and groups caches. What am I missing? Does anyone recognize these particular recolors, or have any idea where they came from, or more importantly, how in the hell to get rid of them?!

Thanks in advance!

PS: I'm running all EP/SPs on windows 7

ETA: I found this discussion http://www.simbology.com/smf/index.php?topic=6714.30;wap2 and removed all of the folders reggikko mentioned (DLs, Saved Sims, collection files, lot catalog, etc) and cleared the caches and neighborhood manager. No dice. But what, if any, other folders might be included in reggikko's "etc." comment? Troublehandling isn't my strong suit, and I first encountered this problem weeks ago, so my memory around any research or testing I did then is fuzzy. I haven't touched the game until today because I was too frustrated and sad. My game IS totally playable, but I would like cyjon's hack to work, too. And naturally I would like to be sure that this mailbox issue is resolved, even if it's not causing any obvious problems.

ETA 2: Cyjon's bigger bills is now working as advertised. Thanks again, simmers!

"Layerable" leggings.

So I don't think this has been done yet, as I've looked all over the place, but correct me if I'm wrong. I've seen people do jackets as accessories (I think kativip from GoS did some) and I love it because I'm really picky about my sims' clothing. For that reason I end up downloading just full outfits all the time because whenever I get separates, they only seem to match with stuff from that one set.

I was wondering if anyone has done leggings as an accessory? This way, they'd be more versatile, and I don't have to stick my sims in a fug dress because I like the leggings, or bother a creator to put them with some other outfit. If this hasn't been done, could someone with the knowledge give me some ideas as to how to go about this? I really don't know who to ask. I think it'd be nice to just download a set of leggings - knitted, basic colors, a few neons, and maybe a nebula one or a patterned one, and then since they're technically accessories, a sim can wear them with any outfit provided it doesn't clash with the mesh.

Idk, just an idea.

WCIF - Readable lettermail?

I've tried to find some letters/lettermail for days now, but wasn't successful.
I'm looking for letters the sims can actually read, or even better, write. I found some decoratives, but I'd love to have one they can actually use.
Is there a decorative or hacked object out there, meeting my requirements?

Thanks in advance.
I thought I had my CC backed up but I must have accidently deleted it. :( Boo. I have my mods folder and some random hairs and skin. I hate playing vanilla so I need to rebuild my folder. Any tips on doing this? Maybe nice CC sites that offer bulk downloads? Anyone willing to share their CC folder with me? I know, wishful thinking... :P

I lost all my bookmarks during my last computer switcheroo, so I can't remember what sites I used besides MTS. So if I have to rebuild piece by piece, please share your must-have sites! I'm considering going the Maxis Match route but I'm not sure... either way, any sites would be appreciated. :D I like all sorts of different styles also.

I hope this is okay to post, if not I shall delete. :D

Green Grass, 2x1 Lot

Hi, it's me again :D
I built and furnished another house today!

( +8 pictures are waiting for you! )


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