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thesims2's Journal

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The Sims 2
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Welcome to thesims2 LiveJournal Community
A community for the Maxis game The Sims 2!

Membership is open to all, newcomer and resident sims expert alike.

Apartment Life is out! Remember to remove mods/hacks from your game before installing.

Search all entries and comments in thesims2! Over 14,000 entries and 118,000 comments are searchable.
Enter multiple search terms for better results. All terms included by default.

If you have an issue/concern with a post/comment, PLEASE notify the mods. Leaving a polite reminder or request is fine. Leaving snarky comments is not. Let the mods know and then leave the post/comment alone. You can contact us via the public post on the mod community or you can e-mail us. You can find our contact info below!

We know that rules are boring and horrible, but they help keep the community manageable and free from clutter and repeat questions. Please read them.

  • All posts that are exclusively about The Sims 3 will be deleted. If you want to post about The Sims 3, please post in another community, such as simsthree or simply_sims3.
  • The most important rule if you're asking anything: Check the community entry tags, community search (found directly above) and the community memories. You'll find technical help as well as gameplay help on the most common topics. You can also use the form above to search the community.

  • In order to make sure all entries get picked up by the search engine, do not lock your posts. If you're asking for help, having your entry indexed means that other people will also be able to benefit from your post. If you're advertising, it means that more people will come across your entry long after it's dropped off the front page.

  • Your subject tells a lot. If you need help, provide a few-word summary of the problem in the subject. That way, people who skim the pages won't have to read every word of every post. If you're posting a story, put "story".

  • Story updates: Everyone is allowed to post their stories or link to their story updates, but you may only do so once every seven days. You are allowed one picture (or one picture collage or one non-autoplaying video) outside of the lj-cut, but it must be reasonably-sized (the largest in-game camera size, 600p x 450p) is acceptable).

  • Picture updates: Everyone is also allowed to post random pictures/photoshoots/etc., as often as they like, but all pictures and videos must be behind an lj-cut (and videos may not be set to autoplay). As well, all images must be uploaded to your own image hosting server. Hotlinking is rude - any posts found to be hotlinking images will be deleted.

  • Userpics/icons must be work-safe. No nudity (even cartoon), sexuality, or violence. Swearing is fine if the text is small/minor. Icons that are "seizure-inducing", i.e. rapidly blinking/flashing are also not allowed. If in doubt, don't use it.

  • Make the body clear.
    • Please format the text with the standard font size and colors. Please don't center entire paragraphs of text. Don't use netspeak or ALLCAPS, and try to keep the spelling/grammar decent. Sentence fragments/demands for help are not acceptable.

    • If you're asking for help try to provide some background info such as what happens, and when it happens. If you receive an error message, putting "or something like that" after it doesn't help; try to get the exact error message. Also, if you can, try and provide systems specs.

    • WE ARE NOT GOOGLE! You may ask where to find very specific custom content, but any large blanket searches (examples: for tattooed skin, for "favorite [cc type]", for goth clothes, for default replacement skins) will be deleted.

    • No "Is [EP] good"/"is [EP] better/worse/shinier/whatever than [EP]" discussions, and no computer specs discussions. Check the reviews instead.

    • All "nude" pics should be put behind a cut with a warning for people who surf at work/school. This includes nudes with added censor bars, as such pictures are still unacceptable in many schools/workplaces.

  • You may not delete or screen comments; if there is a comment you're uncomfortable with or feel is off-topic please contact a maintainer rather than taking any action yourself.

  • You may not disable comments for ANY reason.

  • Nothing in violation of the LJ Terms of Service and nothing in violation of EA/Maxis's EULA and Terms of Service. No flaming/harassing people, no account sharing, no discussion of illegal/pirated copies of the game period. We don't care what you do outside this community, but it doesn't belong here.

  • No archive conversion requests: we don't change files from .rar to .zip for you. Download a program like WinRar (yes, you can continue to use it for free) or contact the creator of whatever it is you want directly.

  • No promotions of other communities or websites are allowed without prior approval from at least one of the listed maintainers below (please note the maintainer who gave you permission to promote in the entry).
    • If you have had an approved promotion in the past, you may repost your advert without being reapproved! It must be three months since your last promotion post, and please list the date of your last post plus the mod who approved your previous post.

  • All spam and any attempts to troll will result in an immediate banning from the community, and if necessary will also be reported to LiveJournal abuse.

  • No selling your sims 2 games - this means through the community itself or posting a link to your eBay auction/amazon/whatever.

mirablu: mirabluSPAMLESS@gmail.com
nameless_cricke: Please Use LJ PMs or morriganraneSPAMLESS@gmail.com (or the_nameless_cricketSPAMLESS@yahoo.com)
pne: pneSPAMLESS@livejournal.com
quinctia: quinctiaSPAMLESS@livejournal.com
pirogoeth: varieSPAMLESS@lumpypot.com
Note: Please see the maintainers' note before contacting. Remember to remove the SPAMLESS from the addresses.

amasaglajax/simantics: currently inactive
crystalshelle: Community founder, no longer on LJ
darkerena: currently inactive
druid_va: currently inactive
lalindsey: currently inactive
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